Columbia University will function as the the Study Coordinating Center (SCC) for the proposed study. The Research network will include all of the clinical study sites (CSS) with standing committees, three study project cores and a scientific advisory board. The Standing Committees will include the Steering Committee, the Publications and Presentations Committee and Oversight Committee. The Steering Committee will be chaired by Dr. Lena S. Sun and will include the PI for each CSS, Dr. Guohua Li, Dr. Charles DiMaggio, Dr. Alan Moskowitz, Mr. Ron Levitan, Dr. Mary Byrne, Dr. Virginia Rauh, Dr. Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Dr. Alastair Wood, Dr. Caleb Ing and Dr. Kimberly Noble. Dr. Byrne will head the Neuropsychological Testing Core, Dr. Li will be in charge of the Data Management Resource Core. The Publications and Presentations Committee facilitates and supervises preparation of all abstracts, presentations, and manuscripts before submission to ensure timely preparation of high-quality presentations and publications. The Oversight Committee will be the Data Quality Monitoring and the Study Event Monitoring Committees. There will also be a Scientific Advisory Board made up of scientists who are not a part of the study but have expertise in epidemiology, pediatric neuropsychology, informatics and anesthesiology.

All of the site investigators at the different children’s hospitals bring their clinical expertise as pediatric anesthesiologists and neuropsychologists with extensive background in research to the proposed study.

  1. Boston Children’s Hospital: Tonya Miller, MD, Michelle Chung, Raymond Park MD, Rachel Bernier and David Bellinger, PhD
  2. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Lynne Maxwell MD, Ari Weintraub, MD, Francis X. McGowan MD, Laura Diaz MD and Jerilynn Radcliffe, PhD
  3. Columbia University Medical Center: Lena S. Sun MD (Principal Investigator), Guohua Li, MD DrPH, Mary W. Byrne, PhD, MPH, Caleb Ing, MD MS, Ahrim Youn, PhD, Virginia Rauh ScD, Charles DiMaggio PhD, Barbara Lang MPH, Sena Han BA, Arthur Roh BA, Mary Huang DNP, Shuang Wang PhD, Kim Noble MD PhD, Keyou Hu, Ann Ohkawa
  4. Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt: Damon Michaels, Jayant Deshpande MD, Stephen Hays MD, Timothy Cooper PhD, Kiersten Card, Cleo Carter, Gail Mayo
  5. Kennedy Krieger Institute: Cynthia Salorio PhD
  6. InChoir: Ron Levitan, Alan Moskowitz


  1. Columbia: Mary Byrne, PhD, CPNP, MPH, FAAN
  2. Boston: David C. Bellinger, PhD, MSc
  3. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Jerilynn Radcliffe, PhD, AABP
  4. Cynthia Salorio, Ph.D.
  5. Vanderbilt: Timothy Cooper, PsyD