Ari Weintraub, M.D.

Dr. Weintraub joined the faculty at CHOP in 2008 following completion of his pediatric anesthesia fellowship. In addition to general pediatric anesthesia, he is an attending physician in the Special Delivery Unit and a member of the fetal team at CHOP. During his anesthesia residency, he spent 6 months in the CHOP Department of Anesthesia's Stress and Neurobiology lab researching the effects of chronic and acute stress during adolescence, pregnancy, and prenatal development in rats. He has collaborated with Neonatalogy and Endocrinology to improve the quality of perioperative management in infants and children with congenital hyperinsulinism undergoing pancreatectomy, but PANDA will be his first interdisciplinary and multi-institutional research study. Dr. Weintraub was certified in general pediatrics in 2003.